Collins Family History

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Magna Charta Sureties

Interesting Ancestors

Royal Ancestors



whose ancestors are included in this book.

Code No Surety
1 William d' Albini
2 Hugh Bigod
3 Roger Bigod
4 Henry de Bohun
5 Gilbert de Clare
6 Richard de Clare
7 John Fitz Robert
8 John de Lacie
9 William de Lanvallei
10 William Malet
11 William de Mowbray
12 Saire de Quincey
13 Robert de Roos
14 Robert de Vere
T Ancestral line of John Talbot, lOth Earl of Shrewsbury
K Ancestral line of descendants of Rev. John Knox

N ote : These code numbers are used in this book to indicate direct lineage of the Talbot, Knox and Magna Charta Surety Lines.