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The following is the editor's note in the original 1959 publication.

This book is a compilation of some of the family lines and genealogies collected from the books listed in the bibliography.
   The book is organized by "family" rather than by direct descent from some prominent individual. It has been arranged alphabetically for ease in cross reference. The youngest member of the family has been listed at the top, followed by the parents, grandparents, etc.
   It is suggested that the reader use this book with pen or pencil and mark those lines that belong to his family.
   Start with a known ancestor and trace your family through the family lines contained herein together with their wives and the maternal lines of those new families.
   Many interesting genealogies are contained in this book. There are probably many errors in these ancient lines and undoubtedly many false and fictitious lines reported. This is due to the fact that many of the very early genealogists wanted the favor of the king or prince and would "uncover" or conceive new connections to tie their lord into the Biblical genealogies or have His Majesty descend from the mythological gods of old.
   These questionable lines have been included from a historical and human interest standpoint and it is hoped that the reader will enjoy these interesting glimpses into the past as much as the Editor has in compiling them.
   The reference sources for the family lines have been included at the end of most family groups. In some cases, the original reference notes were lost and are not recorded.
   If you enjoy this book, I hope that you will feel the same sense of appreciation that I do for Miss Carol Hughes who has patiently and persistently typed, edited, revised, retyped and retyped this lengthy and confusing compilation. My sincere thanks to Miss Hughes for her wonderful assistance throughout.