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Magna Charta Sureties

Interesting Ancestors

Royal Ancestors



  1. Alfred the Great -One of the nine worthies of the Ancient World. See England-Saxon. 

  2. Aeneas -Father of the Roman Nation and brother-in-law of Paris and Helen of Troy. See Roman Emperors Caesar. 

  3. Mark Antony -The Triumvir who went to Egypt to punish Cleopatra but succumbed to her charm. See Roman Emperors. 

  4. King Arthur of the Round Table -An uncle. See England-Roman. 

  5. Arundell- Created "Count of the Holy Roman Empire" with title conferred upon all his legitimate descendants. See Arundell. 

  6. Baldwin IX -Leader of the 4th Crusade, Emperor of Constantinople. See Flanders and Hainout. 

  7. Stephen of Blois -Leader of the First Crusade. See Blois. 

  8. Brian Boru -King of Manster and Monarch of Ireland. See Ireland-Brian Boru. 

  9. Godfrey of Bouillon- Leader of the Crusade of 1097-Baron of the Holy Sepulcher. See Flanders. 

  10. Robert Bruce -King of Scotland. See Scotland-Bruce. 

  11. Hugh Capet- Count of Paris and King of France. See France--Capetian.

  12. Charlemagne -Holy Roman Emperor. See France-Carolingian. 

  13. Clovis the Great -King of the Franks. See France--Merovingian. 

  14. "Old King Cole" -King of the Britons. See England-Old King Cole.

  15. Constantine the Great- Greatest of all Roman Emperors. See England-Roman. 

  16. Roderigo Diaz, "The Cid" -The liberator of Spain. See Castile. 

  17. Duncan I -King of Scotland, murdered by Macbeth. See Scotland. 

  18. Edward the Confessor -King of England. See Kent.

  19. Leif Ericson -A cousin, who discovered America about 1000. See Denmark. 

  20. Frederick Barbarossa -Emperor of Germany. See Germany.

  21. Gaodhal- Healed by the Rod of Moses and witnessed the Egyptians being swallowed in the Red Sea. See Ireland-Milesins.

  22. Lady Godiva of Coventrytown. See Mercia. 

  23. Jupiter -Mythological god of old. See Roman Emperors-Caesar. 

  24. King John of England -Forced by the Barons of Runymede to sign the Magna Charta in 1215. See England-Plantagenet. 

  25. Rev. John Knox -"The Reformer," the light of Scotland. See Knox. 

  26. King Lear of Shakespeare. See England-Aedd Wawr. 

  27. St. Louis IX, King of France -Crusader. See France-Capetian. 

  28. Pharaoh Nectanebas- Pharaoh of Egypt. See Ireland-Milesins. 

  29. Noah- Patriarch of the new world, builder of the Ark. See Ireland-Solomon. 

  30. St. Patrick of Ireland- An uncle. See Brittany and Ireland-St. Patrick. 

  31. Premislans I, Duke of Bohemia- Elected Duke by the nod of a horse. See Bohemia. 

  32. Richard the Lion-Hearted -King of England and Crusader. See England-Plantagenet. 

  33. Rollo the Dane -Conquered Normandy and established himself and his descendants as the Dukes of Normandy. See Normandy. 

  34. Solomon, King of Judah. See Ireland-David and Solomon. 

  35. Sir John Talbot, 1st Earl of Shrewsbury -Described by Shakespeare as "The great Achilles of the field." See Talbot

  36. St. Vladimir, Grand Duke of Kiev and 1st Czar of Russia. See Kiev. 

  37. William the Conqueror -King of England, defeated King Harold at the Battle of Hastings in 1066. See England-Norman. 

  38. Woden and Frea -The mythological gods of the Northland. See England-Saxon.